O My God, where am I here?
This you may ask. But be glad, all of your questions will be answered…..


Q: What is this? Where am I here? There’s something with „radio“, so what’s the heck about?
A: You are caught in the Weblog of


the „very best Viennese Jazz-Radio Broadcast-Show in the german-speaking countries, EU- wide, international!„, which is broadcasted every second Sunday from 12:00-13:00 (Viennese Time) at Radio Orange 94.0 FM

Q: There is something with „download“, I do not understand, what I can download.
A: You are allowed to download legally every broadcast-show, it is in MP3-Format (usually at 128kb). As it is broadcasted „on the air“, it’s not forbidden to record broadcasted shows. We have done that recording for you already. (If you don’t want to download, you may stream it and listen online.) The MP3-Archive of the last years is —–>here, so you will have enough for a long time.

Q: I cannot speak German. How can I understand that show?
A: Even if you could speak perfect German, you would have problems with understanding. This is a philosophical – joking – word-playing – fun – cabaret – show. But do not be sad: The musicians are written at the bottom of every article, and in the show we will announce them (in broken english, as you might find out)

Q: How can I come into that Radio-Show without travelling? I want you to play a song for me…..
A: If you write a comment, with your nickname and your city you live in and the musician you want, we will search the songs, and will play something for you in the next show (If we don’t have it, we play something similar cool) and will announce you in english! So, don’t hesitate, write us a comment!

Q: Besides the radio- broadcast, is there more legal stuff on your website?
A: Yes, there is. You can find a original classical-record from the 40’s, an Austro-Pop CD from the 80’s and more stuff —>here.
Besides, there are some videos  —> here.

Q: Can I send you money?
A: No. Fuck off, we don’t need your money. The best things in life are free.

Q: Is there a difference between Immanuel Kant and Superman?
A: No, there is not. Both can fly, but one is more intelligent.

Q: Are you nuts?
A: Yes. But no peanuts, because peanuts are not really nuts, but some kind of beans.

Q: Er….. I forgot.
A: Yes. Me too.

So, are all your questions answered? If not, write a comment!

With Nice Greetings,